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Special Care

Sometimes to provide a reliable solution to a particular problem Special Care is needed.

We endeavour to refer to experts in-house ensuring you maintain continuity of treatment with the practice. Therefore we don’t charge referral fees and your records and x-rays aren’t duplicated which can otherwise incur fees and time.

When a root-canal treatment presents particular difficulty, has already been incompletely treated or has failed in some way we may enlist the expertise of an endodontist who will also assess the prognosis of success after re-treatment and only then go on to treat as appropriate. This is particularly important if the failure of root-treatment or re-root treatment could compromise several teeth, the tooth will be crowned or form part of a bridge.

A Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases. Where the attachment between the gums and bone is affected, teeth are mobile or gums have receeded we will refer to our in-house periodontist who will assess, record and treat as appropriate using a variety of non-surgical and non-surgical measures.

Implantology is the treatment to replace a missing root with a Titanium counterpart so it can be restored with a natural looking crown or fixed to the patients denture.  Periodontists have an innate understanding of the relationship between the supporting structures of the teeth (periodontium and bone) and the best methodologies to replace a missing tooth into these structures.

A Clinical Denture Technician has the unique advantage of being qualified and experienced to  take clinical measurements and fabricate the denture in the lab. The patient must be examined by the referring dentist.