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A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in gum disease and degeneration. The periodontist is considered to be a specialist because he or she trains for an additional two to three years after completing dental school, specifically in the recognition and treatment of diseases of the gum. Since it’s common for gum disease to occur, especially as we age, many people are referred to a periodontist if gum disease is detected.

About 75% of tooth loss is due to periodontal disease. Formations of bacterial plaque that infect and begin to cause gum deterioration, loose teeth, receding gums, red or swollen gums, frequent bleeding of the gums, and spaces between the teeth. During normal check-ups with a family dentist, periodontal disease will usually be noticed. If you notice these symptoms in between dental check-ups, you can usually see your dentist and ask for a referral to a periodontist.

If periodontal disease has been caught early, there are many non-surgical ways to treat it. Most commonly a periodontist can employ dental scaling and root-planing during early onset periodontal disease. This involves removing plaque from roots of teeth, and smoothing the roots of the tooth to prevent additional growth of bacteria.

When periodontal disease is more advanced, the periodontist is trained in several surgical techniques, which can help restore the teeth. These include bone grafting to replace lost bone due to severe bacterial infection, crown lengthening, which can help restructure a tooth so that it better supports a crown, and tooth and gum contouring, which can help reshape teeth and gums affected by gum disease.

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Petros Ioannis Moschouris is coming from a family with great tradition in dentistry. His father holds a very successful private practise in Chios Greece since 1982. Following the family tradition he succeeded with honours in the Dental School of Athens University (Greece) in 2001. Five years later he graduated and started practising dentistry privately.

In 2007, he was accepted for specialist training in Periodontics (“gums” and implant dentistry) at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute, University College London.

Petros has extensive experience with treatment of advanced gum disease with expertise on non-surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal disease including conventional and regenerative periodontal surgery.

He has also special interest in cosmetic gum surgery, improving the smile and dental implants alone or in combination with GTR. He provides periodontal and implant treatment based on the most advanced evidence based approach.