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Welcome to the dental practice that you’ve always wanted: warm, friendly, relaxed and totally focused on your needs. The team at DSC will transform your view of what great dentistry is all about. From your very first visit, you’ll be in full charge of the health of your teeth and gums. Your friendly dentist and hygienist team will examine your teeth and gums and give you easy-to-understand advice on what to do. You’ll learn what is important for your personal dental well-being. And you’ll walk out with a complete plan for your teeth and gums that will make sure they give you long, trouble-free service. Your teeth and gums need to last, so make sure you put them first. Call us now and join the thousands of happy people enjoying optimum oral health.

  • New patients welcome. Caring Dentists.
  • Smile makeovers and state-of-art treatment.
  • In-house experts in Periodontology (gums) and Endodontics (Root-canal)
  • Clinical Denture Technician